About us

More than ten years on, the NCRI Partnership’s work to promote communication, coordination and collaboration in cancer research is as strong as ever.


NCRI Partners all work together to coordinate cancer research in the UK


Chair and Trustees

We are governed by a Board of Trustees, with day-to-day activities coordinated by an Executive based in London


Director and Executive

The NCRI Director and Executive are responsible for taking forward the activities of NCRI, as agreed by the Board of Trustees



The collective vision for NCRI activities is outlined in our five year strategic plan



We were set up in 2001, to build on an informal collaboration between cancer research funders and become a strategic UK-wide partnership


Links with other organisations

We work with many organisations outside the NCRI Partnership, including UK clinical research networks and the National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN)


Links with researchers

Our work involves researchers from many different specialties


International collaboration

We have many links to overseas organisations, working together on topics such as data collection, rare cancers and genomics


Patient involvement

Patients, carers and others affected by cancer are key contributors to our work