NCRI strategy

The NCRI Partner organisations all have their own goals and strategy to guide the way they fund research and the types of activity they take on. NCRI develops a complementary agenda of work where coordination is necessary for progress.

NCRI strategic plan 2012–2017

Our strategic plan for 2012–2017 renews our Partners’ commitment to working together. We will build on current successes such as the NCRI Cancer Conference, NCRI Clinical Studies Groups, and funding analyses of the NCRI Cancer Research Database. Where there are areas of research that are lagging behind or hitting obstacles, we will seek ways to support their advancement – for example by developing initiatives that build infrastructure or capacity. In this way we aim to add value to cancer research and avoid unnecessary duplication.

► NCRI strategic plan 2012-2017 (PDF)

NCRI Clinical and Translational Strategy Group

In 2013 NCRI set up a Clinical and Translational Strategy Group of funder and researcher representatives, to take strategic oversight of clinical and translational research across the UK. Amongst other work, the group will be seeking ways to connect the early and late phase cancer portfolios more closely, and to integrate industry studies more effectively across the portfolio.

The group will report through the Board of Trustees and NCRI Partners.

► CTSG remit, July 2013 (PDF)