One of NCRI’s strategic goals is to ensure a coordinated portfolio of research related to cancer. The Beyond the Horizon meeting series is a way to engage with the wider research community and identify and prioritise new opportunities for collaborative working. We are hoping that each meeting will tackle an area of science and technology that is just emerging, or an advance in a field that is not currently applied to cancer research but could be harnessed to make a real difference to cancer research in the future.
The NCRI is a partnership of research funders who believe that research is at the heart of driving improvements in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for people affected by cancer and the wider public. As an independent charity, we are uniquely positioned to bring together a broad range of stakeholders including other charities, government, research councils, industry, as well as professional institutions and patient/carer groups. We are a neutral forum for sharing ideas and facilitating collaboration, and have expertise in leading bold initiatives. We can make change happen.
Perhaps you feel you’ve got an idea but you are not quite sure how to take it forward. If your idea is selected as a topic for one of the meetings in the Beyond the Horizon meeting series, the NCRI will offer you the chance to go shoulder-to-shoulder with some of best minds in research, technology and problem-solving and explore ways it can be taken forward collaboratively by the research community.
The short answer is no. Whether you’re a clinician, researcher, patient or someone working outside the cancer research field in tech, data or computing and you think your idea could make a difference to cancer research, then we want to hear from you. We are looking for new ways of working, scientific developments or emerging technologies not currently applied to cancer research that could accelerate progress against cancer.
When we receive your idea, we might contact you to ask for further information or clarification on some points. If we think your idea is appropriate, we will discuss it further with our Strategy Advisory Group and if we agree to take it forward, you will be invited to join a planning committee to turn it into an event.
No, submitting ideas is free. If the idea is then turned on to an event, the NCRI will cover the cost of the event. The NCRI may decide to charge a registration fee or to seek sponsorship to cover the cost of the event.
No, there isn’t but we are looking for quality applications so please take your time to fill in the form thoroughly for each submission you might want to put forward.