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CM-Path Industry Engagement Day takes place on Wednesday 5 October 2016

The Technology and Informatics Workstream of the CM-Path Iniative is holding an Industry Engagement Day on Wednesday 5 October 2016 at the Medical Research Council in London.

Attendance is now full and includes representatives from big pharmaa, biotech companies, digital pathology companies and regulatory bodies.

Click here to view the agenda.

If you would like a summary of discussions that take place on the day, please contact the CM-Path Programme Manager at jessica.lee@ncri.org.uk.

Register for the RCPath & CM-Path event: ‘A Pathologist’s Guide to Research and Clinical Trials’

The Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath) is hosting this new conference with the NCRI initiative, CM-Path (cellular molecular pathology initiative). The event will take place in London on Friday 9 December. The event is aimed at trainee and consultant pathologists that would like to get involved or are already involved in clinical trials, and will cover topics such as:

  • The strategic importance of pathology in clinical trials
  • Using tissue in clinical trials – rules and regulations, storage and access
  • Pathology-based testing of tissues in clinical trials – performance, standardisation and quality control
  • Funding opportunities for clinical trial pathologists

» For further information, download a flyer here (PDF)

» Click here to register (External website)

Applications now open for cellular pathology trainees to attend the NCRI Cancer Conference

The NCRI Cancer Conference showcases the latest basic, translational and clinical cancer research. It brings researchers together to share ideas and develop collaborations. This year RCPath and CM-Path will be exhibiting a joint stand at the conference and RCPath are generously providing funds for up to 4 trainees to host the exhibition stand. Cellular Pathology trainees who do not have access to alternative sources of funding are invited to apply. The deadline for receipt of applications will be 17.00 on Friday 16 September 2016.

» Download the application form (Word Document)

Clinical Trials trainee scheme a huge success

The Clinical Trials Trainee Scheme was piloted with the NCRI Head & Neck CSG in 2013 and due to the success of this initiative, it was launched across all CSGs.  In November 2014, we received 250 applications from across the UK from junior clinicians competing to be accepted onto our bespoke training scheme with our Clinical Studies Groups (CSGs). The purpose of the scheme was to offer budding clinicians the opportunity to experience the inner workings of national clinical studies groups in a field of their interest.

The applications were carefully considered by CSG Chairs and 32 people were accepted to work across 16 CSGs from various disciplines such as surgery, medical oncology and clinical oncology.

The first round of the trainee scheme completed this summer and we were very keen to hear about how the trainees got on. All trainees were offered the opportunity to complete a survey to provide feedback on the strengths of the scheme and highlight areas for improvement.

Overall, the survey showed that the key strengths of the scheme included the opportunity to network with senior researchers and to gain first hand exposure of the mechanisms of a CSG.

Dr Matthew Ahearne, Lymphoma CSG trainee, was one individual who highlighted this as a benefit and said the scheme was: “An excellent opportunity which has provided a springboard for my clinical training/career.” He continued: “I have since established collaborative research projects, submitted grant applications and been heavily involved with a T-cell lymphoma working group.”

Key areas highlighted by the trainees for improvement included mentorship, being involved in a tangible project and being attached to a Subgroup of a CSG. These suggestions will be implemented for the next round of trainees in autumn 2016

Overall, the trainee scheme was very successful and we look forward to implementing the suggestions made for the next round of trainees who we will be welcoming in autumn 2016.

Prostate Cancer UK accepting submissions for Research Innovation Awards

Prostate Cancer UK is calling for bold, innovative and game changing research that has the potential to make a real impact on the lives of men with prostate cancer.

All proposals must align with Prostate Cancer UK’s research strategy and must clearly demonstrate the innovative nature of the research and how it will lead to improved health and wellbeing of men affected by, or at high risk of, prostate cancer.
The application process and assessment of your proposal will reflect the charity’s increased focus on innovation and potential impact and you should make every effort to detail how your proposal meets those criteria.The deadline for expressions of interest is 12pm on 12 September 2016.

NCRI Future of Surgery workshop report now available

“Trials are only as credible as their endpoints.”
The first NCRI Future of Surgery workshop took place in May and focused on outcome measures in surgery studies. Plenty of interesting discussions were generated and areas for future research were identified, including PROMS, pilot and feasibility studies, quality assurance and early phase trials. A report summarising key discussion of the day is now available online.

Call for Proposals in Screening, Prevention and Early Diagnosis

NCRI’s Screening, Prevention and Early Diagnosis (SPED) group will be holding a workshop on Wednesday 16 November 2016.

The aim of this workshop is to help investigators with ideas for studies to be developed into an application which can subsequently be submitted to a funding committee. We are therefore inviting brief outline proposals from investigators in the areas of Screening, Prevention or Early Diagnosis to discuss at the workshop.

To allow sufficient discussion time, we hope to discuss approximately 6 proposals at the workshop.  Investigators will be invited to give a presentation, followed by a discussion on how the proposal might be developed.

To submit your ideas for studies, please download and complete this proforma, which is not onerous and will be treated in confidence.

If we receive more applications than we can include in the workshop, we shall prioritise based on how developed the proposal is.  Prioritisation will be decided by the SPED Chair and the NCRI Clinical Research Director.

The deadline for preliminary applications is Friday 30 September 2016. Please send completed applications to leanne.murphy@ncri.org.uk.

» Download the proforma

For further information visit the NCRI SPED website. 

Cancer Research UK to commission research on the UK’s non-surgical oncology treatments workforce

Cancer Research (CRUK) knows that delivering world-class cancer outcomes relies on a vast array of health professionals. They are crucial at all stages of an individual’s journey, ranging from GPs offering smoking-cessation advice to the therapeutic radiographers and clinical nurse specialists involved in cancer treatment.

With this in mind, CRUK would like to commission a new study to focus on current and future capacity and demand as well as providing potential solutions such as new models of care and changes to education and training programmes.

The findings will input into CRUK’S policy development on workforce in all four nations and will be used to inform evidence and recommendations made to Health Education England’s review of the cancer workforce in early 2017.

CRUK want the research to start by October 2016 with the view to complete by end of March 2017, for publication at the end of May 2017.

Expressions of interest should be submitted by 22 August 2016 and full proposals for this work by 5pm on 1 September 2016.

All enquiries can be sent to Helen Beck, Policy Research Manager, CRUK by email: helen.beck@cancer.org.uk

» Download CRUK’s Research brief 

Highlights from the NCRI Summer Meeting

The 2016 NCRI Summer Meeting took place on  22 June 2016 in London and brought together senior representatives from NCRI Partner organisations, industry and patient representatives. It was an opportunity to reflect on progress made so far in NCRI’s collaborative initiatives and to look forward to priorities for NCRI in the year ahead and beyond.

Register for the NCRI Upper GI CSG trials meeting

The next NCRI Upper GI Clinical Studies Group (CSG) trials meeting is being held on Monday 26 September at the Cavendish Conference Centre.

The purpose of the meeting in not only to promote new NCRI trials, but also to disseminate the results of closed trials, to discuss and engender collaboration in the development of future NCRI trials and to promote the activities of the NCRI.  The meeting will also provide continuing professional development, attract CPD credits and offer networking opportunities across disciplines.

The co-ordinator for this meeting is Ulla Ventham. Any queries should be raised with her, either by phone on 020 3469 8583 or by email at ulla.ventham@ncri.org.uk

» Download provisional programme

» Register for meeting

Registration now open for ECMC meeting: Therapeutic interventions for cancer prevention conference, Bristol (July 18-19)

The British Association for Cancer Research (BACR) and the ECMC Network are hosting a joint multidisciplinary meeting organised by UKTCPN Group.  The meeting will address the enormous opportunities and some of the challenges faced by researchers in the field of therapeutic cancer prevention. It will draw on examples spanning from ‘bench to bedside’ and beyond, to highlight what advances in basic and translational research can bring to the prevention trials of the future.

» Find out more

» Register for the meeting

Landmark paper published by NCRI CTRad Working Group

A NCRI CTRad Working Group has published a landmark paper in Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology setting out consensus recommendations to increase the number of novel drugs being successfully used in combination with radiotherapy to improve clinical outcomes for patients with cancer.

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Now published: CTRad: identifying opportunities to promote progress in molecular radiotherapy research in the UK

NCRI’s Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Research Working Group (CTRad) has published its review of molecular radiotherapy (MRT) research in the UK.MRT has considerable potential to benefit patients, and could provide further scope for improved patient outcomes, however research in MRT has lagged behind that of other cancer therapies. To help assess the needs and opportunities in UK MRT research, CTRad consulted with the UK MRT community to ascertain the range of research activity and the barriers preventing progress. The feedback identified opportunities for improvement as well as a number of barriers and challenges. This report identifies three strategic priorities and provides a number of recommendations for each that will promote progress in MRT research.

» CTRad promoting research in MRT UK June 2016 (PDF)