What we do

NCRI has a number of different strands of work to support coordination in UK cancer research.

The NCRI Clinical Studies Groups, the annual NCRI Cancer Conference, and capturing research funding information in the NCRI Cancer Research Database make up our core business. We also run a number of time-bound initiatives to respond to particular areas of need.

NCRI Clinical Studies Groups

The NCRI Clinical Studies Groups provide a forum for cancer researchers to develop trials and build a strategic portfolio within their area of expertise


NCRI Cancer Conference

The NCRI Cancer Conference is held each November, with UK and international speakers showcasing cancer research from across science and medicine


NCRI Cancer Research Database

We collect and analyse data from Partner organisations to understand how funding is spread across the various areas of research


Research initiatives

We run an evolving programme of initiatives that support the development of research, often in areas where coordination or capacity are proving to be barriers