NCRI Strategy 2017-22

Our purpose

Our purpose is to improve health and quality of life by accelerating progress in cancer-related research, through collaboration


Our goals

Together we will:

  • Ensure a coordinated portfolio of research related to cancer
  • Seize opportunities and address challenges in research relevant to cancer
  • Continuously improve the quality and relevance of research related to cancer
  • Accelerate the translation of cancer-related research into practice


Our values

We have a set of core values that we believe are integral to the success of the Partnership

  • We are collaborative, dynamic and determined
  • We act with integrity, professionalism and intelligence


Our enablers

  • We can speak with a strong, unified voice on issues related to cancer research
  • We involve people affected by cancer at all stages of our work, helping us to drive research forward
  • We foster a culture of information sharing and collaboration within the cancer research funding community that fuels our progress
  • Our Executive team drives the Partnership, identifies collaborative opportunities and co-ordinates activities

Our ways of working

The NCRI is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation governed by a board consisting of elected and appointed trustees. The make-up of our board reflects the diversity of our Partners’ interests and benefits from experience honed in the medical, public, third and commercial sectors.

  • We are a UK-based partnership of cancer research funders working together to accelerate research progress for patient and public benefit.
  • The NCRI Executive drives the work of the Partnership enabling interactions between Partners and stakeholders and supporting collective activities.
  • To ensure joined up thinking we also work with key stakeholders with a voice in cancer research across industry, government and public sectors.