The number of people diagnosed with cancer every year is set to grow to around 22 million by 2030. This is a global challenge, and one that we need big ideas and a coordinated approach to address. We need to look to emerging technologies and scientific techniques, and the world’s top experts in their fields, to find the next advance that we can harness for cancer research – we need to look ‘Beyond the Horizon’.

Beyond the Horizon is an ambitious new meeting series that aims to transform cancer research of the future. It will bring together the best minds in the research community, policy, technology and other specialties to pioneer solutions that will accelerate research at the cutting-edge of science and technology.

This is your opportunity to think BIG and tell us your ideas for the areas of science and technology that are just emerging, or for advances in fields that are not currently applied to cancer research, and could be harnessed to make a real difference.