BRIGHTLIGHT: help the team reach their thousandth participant

BRIGHTLIGHT is a NIHR study evaluating specialist cancer care for young people aged 13–24 years. It is a novel study, working with young people as co-researchers to evaluate cancer services for young people. The study has recruited 922 teenage and young adults so far and is aiming to recruit further; to have more than 1,000 young people by the end of April 2015.

BRIGHTLIGHT is trialling out a new recruitment strategy using a direct patient approach, similar to the methods used by Quality Health for the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey. This is a first for young people’s research and may change how the team recruit to low risk, health services research in the future.

To thank the 107 NHS Trusts who are currently recruiting to BRIGHTLIGHT, the team will present a special prize to the healthcare team who recruits the 1000th participant.

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Brightlight_Workshop-050914-232_To use

BRIGHTLIGHT Young Persons Advisory Panel (YAPPERs) at the most recent workshop: talking about how to ensure maximum retention rates in a bid to ensure as many patients as possible complete the study.