An NCRI scheme to register and initiate collaborative discussions of clinical study concepts has recently been launched.

The NCRI Study Concept Registration scheme will provide a route for researchers to initiate collaborative discussions with members of relevant NCRI Clinical Studies Groups (CSGs) about their new or developing clinical study concept. When a study is submitted, the NCRI Executive will ‘match-make’ between CSGs and Advisory Groups to facilitate collaborative discussions and provide expert advice. In addition, the scheme will enable the NCRI Executive to keep a clear record of study concepts and their progress.

Researchers may submit any clinical study, including trials or observational studies, which are being developed by the CSG or CSG Subgroups or studies where a new translational or add-on component is proposed for an existing study – this may also include studies submitted by researchers outside the CSGs. Typically studies will be submitted just before or after the funding application stage – so that discussions are focused on development and optimisation of proposals.

» Further information about the NCRI Study Concept Registration scheme (CSG webpage)