Find out about what CM-Path members heard and the activities they took part in over the NCRI conference 2018 in Glasgow.

Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank Igloo Presentation

Author: Valerie Speirs, CM-Path WS3 member

Together with Eleanor Garratt- Smith, I had the pleasure of giving a short ‘Igloo’ presentation on the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank at the recent NCRI meeting in Glasgow. Eleanor is the Tissue Bank Grants and Relationships Manager and I’m one of the Tissue Bank PIs. Most of us involved in translational research in breast cancer recognise that to study human disease needs access to carefully curated human tissues. Sometimes people find it difficult to get access to these tissues easily or to gather sufficient numbers of tissues for their work so in 2010, the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank was launched to fill this gap. Eleanor explained the types of tissue that are available in the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank and how to go about applying for these. It’s really a very simple process and the Tissue Bank PIs offer free, expert advice to potential applicants to help shape their research projects, allowing them to gain as much information as possible from the research they perform on the tissue. As well obtaining tissues, data can also be provided. The Tissue Bank collects data on all of the tissues that have been studied. This is a good way of enriching the information available from each tissue sample and this can often be shared with other researchers who are asking new questions. Eleanor explained one of the USPs of the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank; its cell culture programme. This exciting addition allows scientists to access primary human breast cells to use in their work. These can be provided in a variety of formats and the team is flexible in what can be offered. Potential applicants are encouraged to talk to the cell culture team ahead of submission an application. In some instances e.g. if your work if funded by Breast Cancer Now, the tissue is provided free (although postage may apply), for other researchers cost recovery is applied. The Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank strives to adapt to the evolving needs of the breast cancer research community and fulfils a unique niche in UK biobanking.

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