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The National Cancer Patient Experience Survey (NCPES) is an annual survey commissioned by NHS England, which gives responses from over 68,000 recently treated cancer patients (across types of cancer and groups of patients, both locally and nationally) detailing their experiences of care. The 2012 NCPES introduced questions about research and NCRI consumers helped bring this about. Findings drawn from the NCPES can be found below.

Overview of Recruitment to Trials in England, citing the findings of the NCPES 2012

» Overview from 2012 NCPES (PDF, 2012)

Findings from the 2013 NCPES survey: New data on awareness of research, research conversations and participation

» Access for All? (PDF, 2013)

Findings and Opportunities from NCPES (National Cancer Patient Experience Survey) 2012-14

» 2012-14 NCPES findings for consumers (PDF, 2015)
» Briefing  notes to accompany above slides (PDF, 2015)

Variations in research conversations with patients and potential participants. Results from the 2014 NCPES

» It’s OK to ask – but who doesn’t get asked (PDF, 2013)

Results from the 2014 NCPES

» We need to Talk (PDF, 2014)