Estimating the economic benefits of cancer-related research in the UK – new report out now

Three NCRI Partners (Cancer Research UK, Department of Health and the Wellcome Trust) along with the Academy of Medical Sciences have commissioned an analysis looking at the economic benefits of cancer research in the UK. The findings have been published in BMC Medicine and show that each pound invested in cancer research generates a continuous stream of benefits equal to earning 40 pence a year thereafter. Some of the greatest economic benefit was from efforts to reduce smoking rates, investment in breast cancer treatments, such as tamoxifen, and the cervical screening programme.

The analysis drew, in part, upon data from our Cancer Research Database (CaRD) to help estimate public and charitable funding of cancer-related research.  Karen Kennedy, NCRI Director said  “NCRI has been collecting cancer research funding data from our Partners since 2002, to track and understand how money is spread across the various areas of research. It’s a highly respected source of data on cancer research spend in the UK and is available for public use to further inform research funding decisions, policy and analyses. It’s down to the spirit of collaboration fostered by the NCRI partnership that we have these data and can input into important analyses like this. Through the NCRI partnership we have data that not only keeps track of research spend, but can be analysed with other data to help show the far-reaching benefits of cancer research.”

► Full report on the economic benefits of cancer research (BMC Medicine website)  

► NCRI Cancer Research Database (NCRI webpage)