ICIS interactive Masterclass in Imaging of Prostate Cancer

Date: 8 November
Duration: All Day
Location: London

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Learning objectives for this course:

  • To know in detail the pathologic states, problems of categorisation and clinical needs of patients in each clinical state in the prostate cancer pathway.
  • To understand how imaging can help meet clinical priorities and so promote the personalisation of care in the advancing prostate cancer pathway.
  • To show how next generation prostate imaging (multiparametric MRI & MR-directed biopsies) and whole body assessments (whole body MRI & PET/CT) with clinical biomarkers, create opportunities to support and refine management pathways of patients.
  • To understand the prostate patient’s journey from suspected cancer to the advanced disease state using the framework of definable clinical states.

Meeting organiser:
Externally-led meeting

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