CTRad has four workstreams that focus on different aspects of radiotherapy research; they meet all together at least once a year, and individually two to four times per year.

The science base workstream focuses on preclinical studies, radiation-drug interactions, radiobiology, biomarkers and imaging and physics and imaging.


Nicola Curtin (co-chair)

Shree Bhide

Ross Carruthers

Mark Hill

Barbara Pedley

Paul Shaw

Samantha Terry

Gillian Tozer

Vessela Vassileva

Tim Humphrey (consumer member)

The phase I/II studies workstream focusses on phase I/II studies, experimental cancer medicine, biomarkers and imaging and systemic therapies and radiotherapy.


Richard Adams (co-chair)

Sarah Brown (co-chair)

Richard Baird

Sean Buckland

Ananya Choudhury

Martin Forster

Jo Haviland

Andrew Scarsbrook

Tim Ward (consumer member)

The phase III trials and methodology workstream focusses on phase III trials, links with NCRI Groups and trials methodology development for evaluating novel radiotherapy approaches.


Robert Huddart (co-chair)

Yat Man Tsang (co-chair)

Ane Appelt

Corinne Faivre-Finn

Duncan Gilbert

Emma Hall

Chris Hurt

Anna Kirby

Louise Murray

Lucy McParland

Beatrice Seddon

Richard Stephens (consumer member)

The new technology, physics and quality assurance workstream focusses on new technologies (e.g. proton therapy, stereotactic body radiotherapy, functional imaging), quality assurance, radiotherapy physics and databases.


Karen Kirkby (co-chair)

Antony Carver

David Cutter

Aileen Duffton

Teresa Guerrero-Urbano

Sarah Gulliford

Shaista Hafeez

Jamie McClelland

Christopher South

Julie Wolfarth (consumer member)