Total NCRI Partners’ Spend

£669m of research spend was captured in the NCRI Cancer Research Database in 2019-20, from 20 NCRI Partners. the total funding levels for 2019-20 are lower than in 2018-19, when the total was £687m.

£ 0 m
Spent on cancer research by NCRI Partners in 2019-20

How is the money spent?

Spend by research type

2019-20 spend shows two thirds of research spend comes from biology (CSO1) and treatment (CSO5), followed by early detection, diagnosis, and prognosis (CSO4), prevention (CSO3), cancer control, survivorship, and outcomes research (CSO6) and aetiology (CSO2).

Spend by cancer site

Approximately 46% of research recorded in the database is cancer site specific, with 54% spent on research that is not specific to a particular cancer type. Within the site-specific research spend, five cancer types – breast, lung, leukaemia, colon and rectal cancer and prostate – make up  58% of site specific research.

NCRI Partners who submit data to the NCRI Cancer Research Database

Each year, the NCRI Cancer Research Database records Partners’ spend that directly supports and enables cancer research.