NCRI has been collecting research funding data since 2002 in order to understand how money is distributed across various areas of research, and identify any gaps.

To track how UK funding changes over time, our Partner organisations are asked to submit data each year on how much they have spent on research, and the research projects and programmes that they spent it on. Each piece of research funding is then coded by cancer site and by research category, using an international classification system called the Common Scientific Outline (CSO).

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» Common Scientific Outline coding system (ICRP website)

Putting the data to use

NCRI publishes annual summaries of the data, as well as periodic reports looking at trends or particular areas within the portfolio. This helps to identify trends and gaps in funding across a range of research areas. NCRI Partners can also use the information to undertake detailed analyses of their own. Where an imbalance in funding is found, our Partners can then look at ways to address this.