To support excellence in biomarker-led clinical investigation, CMPath provides guidance and technical critique of pathology and biomarker components in clinical trials.

Through ensuring this dialogue with stakeholders they aim to facilitate and support best practice in biomarker-led pathology research, improving the delivery of cellular and molecular pathology in research and ultimately in clinical application.

CMPath can offer advice on:

  • Tissue acquisition, processing, storage and access
  • Tissue analytics
  • Biomarkers
  • Biomarker discovery, assay development, qualification
  • Bioinformatics of large data sets and biostatistical analysis

Investigators are invited to present their proposals for open discussion and feedback from a panel of Pathology experts. The intention of providing this pre-submission peer input is to facilitate successful funding and add value to the proposals, for example by suggesting translational components. Investigators will receive oral and written feedback.

The group is made up of expert members, including pathologists, translational scientists, statisticians and consumer representatives, who each specialise in different areas.