The NCRI Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Research Working Group (CTRad) was launched in 2009 to focus on clinical and translational issues relating to radiotherapy, as well as developing a portfolio of practice-changing trials, ensuring coordination across research and actively promoting the translation of discoveries into practice.

CTRad consists of an executive group, chaired by Professor David Sebag-Montefiore, which provides oversight of radiotherapy research and proactively identifies opportunities for the group as well as leading on cross-cutting activities. CTRad has four workstreams that focus on different areas of radiotherapy research. Workstream members are competitively recruited based on their research expertise and enthusiasm for improvements and innovation in radiotherapy. CTRad also has general membership, which is open to all individuals working within or connected with the UK radiotherapy community; applications comprising a curriculum vitae (maximum 6 pages) and covering letter should be sent to .