The Radiotherapy-Drug Combinations Consortium (RaDCom) was established by CTRad and the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Centre for Drug Development (CDD) in 2013. RaDCom is a collaborative network of UK-based laboratories working in partnership with industry, CRUK and other funding bodies; it seeks to work with UK-based investigators to develop and deliver high quality preclinical projects evaluating specific radiotherapy-drug combinations, to provide the necessary evidence base for early phase clinical trials.

Aims of the Consortium

Investigators are invited to contact RaDCom’s steering group to discuss proposals for preclinical radiotherapy-drug combination projects, in particular those that would benefit from a collaborative approach. RaDCom aims to:

  • work with applicants to provide advice on proposals, ensuring preclinical applications have the best chance of success
  • recommend the most appropriate collaborating laboratories
  • monitor funded projects to ensure timely delivery
  • ensure areas of need are addressed by monitoring the existing radiotherapy-drug combination preclinical and early phase portfolios
  • engage with industry on a strategic level as a key source of expertise for preclinical radiotherapy-drug combination work.

Steering Group

RaDCom is coordinated by a steering group. The steering group consists of radiation biology and clinical leaders within six research themes, in addition to consumer, CRUK and CTRad representatives.