The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) is pleased to announce today the launch of the International Cancer Research Partnership’s (ICRP) inaugural data report.

ICRP is an alliance of cancer research organizations working together to enhance global collaboration and strategic coordination of research efforts.

The ICRP Data Report is the first, co-operative international analysis of the cancer research landscape, based on data from over 50 current member organizations about their individual projects and programs, each classified by type of cancer and type of research.

ICRP’s member organizations’ funding allocations resulted in over 20,000 active awards in each of calendar years 2005 to 2008. Annual investment in cancer research ranged between $4.6 and $4.8 billion (USD) over this period. The report highlights trends in funding for specific cancer types and illustrates how awards are distributed across the research spectrum: biology, etiology, prevention, early diagnosis, detection and prognosis, treatment, cancer control and survivorship.

This report is the result of a major collaborative effort among cancer organizations to implement an international cancer research classification system (the CSO or Common Scientific Outline) and to set up an international database containing over 54,000 awards. The report allows organizations to track the impact of their strategic investments in the international context and sets a benchmark for future analyses. Partners contributing data have access to the full international dataset and also enjoy access to analytical tools, collaborative forum areas for information exchange in addition to joint evaluation resources and analyses. The NCRI is delighted to have contributed to this important effort to understand the landscape of cancer research funding internationally.

ICRP expects to release periodic updates to this report, which will include data from additional partners in the Netherlands, Australia and Japan. The ICRP is actively seeking additional cancer funding organizations from around the world to join the Partnership and to contribute their portfolio information to future data reports.