Tell us the questions that you would like answered by research

People are now living longer after a cancer diagnosis; more people in the UK are living with or beyond cancer. But many people, including carers, are not living well. More and more people are living with impacts of cancer and its treatment – what we have termed Living With and Beyond Cancer.

A lot of research is looking for new cancer treatments, but there’s not enough research relevant to living with and beyond cancer. Research is only effective when we know what questions we want answered. There are so many possible areas to research that we need a way to decide which is the most important. Researchers are good at answering research questions, but it is the people affected directly by cancer who know which questions need answering.

NCRI is bringing researchers and research funders together to collaborate and find ways to answer research questions that should help people live better with, and beyond, cancer.

The first stage of this project is a Priority Setting Partnership. A Priority Setting Partnership brings together patients, carers, and health and social care professionals to work out what are the most important questions for researchers to answer.

This page explains the process in more detail, and you can find out more about the Priority Setting Partnership here.

We have analysed the questions submitted by everyone in our first survey, and have a list of fifty-four questions for you to consider in the second UK-wide survey. This survey has closed. We are delighted that nearly 2000 people responded to our survey. Thank you!