All consumers involved in the NCRI are members of the NCRI Consumer Forum. The Forum aims to foster a vibrant and collaborative community to work with NCRI as partners in cancer research; exchanging knowledge and expertise in a coordinated way.

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The latest activities of the Forum are summarised below.

Forging links across the Partnership

NCRI Consumer Forum members Derek Stewart and Roger Wilson have been appointed as Members of Cancer Research UK, taking part in appointing the Trustees and holding them to account for the effective running of the charity.

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Cancer Research UK is also building on existing links with the NCRI Consumer Forum, continuing sponsorship of the Forum’s popular Dragons’ Den event at this year’s NCRI Cancer Conference, and recruiting NCRI Consumer Forum members to fill the majority of consumer places on its funding committees.

England’s new cancer strategy: input from the NCRI Consumer Forum

Last month, the Independent Cancer Taskforce published its report, setting out a strategy for improving cancer outcomes in England over the next five years. The report set out a patient focused strategy, with input from the NCRI Consumer Forum. As well as NCRI Consumer Lead, Richard Stephens, being a member of the taskforce, other NCRI Consumer Forum members also made important contributions to the formulation of the strategy – including participation in the three patient workshops held as part of the series of stakeholder engagement workshops and meetings that fed in to the creation of the strategy.

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New recruits to the NCRI Clinical Studies Groups

New consumer representatives have been recruited to the Clinical Studies Groups (CSGs) and CSG Subgroups. “We had some outstanding candidates at interviews,” said NCRI’s Consumer Lead, Richard Stephens, “And once our new recruits have had their two-day induction course in September, they will soon be adding value to the work of their CSGs. The call for consumer recruits attracted 50 applicants in total, and 25 interviews were held over three days in July. ”

“Across all the CSGs and other NCRI activities,” Richard adds, ” It was noticeable that the clinical members of CSGs are advising some consumers to apply, and NCRI Partners and other charities are also identifying possible candidates. These efforts produce a much richer field for the CSG Chairs to interview, and I hope it continues for next year’s recruitment round.”

Consumer representatives sit on all of the NCRI CSGs as experts in the experience of cancer; participating in the Group’s efforts to coordinate and develop clinical trials in its field. Recruitment rounds usually run in June and January, where vacancies are available. The next round of recruitment will be in January 2016.

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