New local network leadership posts

From April 2014 the NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) has evolved its structure from eight separate Clinical Research Networks (which included the NIHR Cancer Research Network – NCRN), into a single unified organisation.

The new structure brings together expertise from the full spectrum of clinical research, delivered through 15 geographical areas across England with boundaries that match the Academic Health Science Networks. Within the 15 new Local Clinical Research Networks (LCRNs), the delivery of studies is organised into 30 specialty areas, one of which is cancer (NIHR CRN: cancer).

NIHR CRN: cancer will have a fully integrated model of national and local clinical leadership: the national leadership having oversight of the delivery of the national portfolio for cancer, and the local leadership optimising the delivery of its clinical studies.

Local leadership posts have now been appointed: each LCRN has a Research Delivery Manager (RDM) for cancer, who is responsible for the delivery of both commercial and non-commercial portfolio studies; and one or more Clinical Research Leads/Cancer Clinical Research Specialty Leads who will work closely with the RDMs to both enhance clinical engagement and optimise delivery across the whole LCRN geography.

In order to link with the NCRI Clinical Studies Groups (CSGs) – who are responsible for developing new trials that meet important research questions in cancer and input  to the NIHR portfolio – the NIHR CRN: cancer team in each LCRN will identify 13 Sub-Specialty Leads, which will map across to one or more of the disease specific CSGs. The Sub-Specialty Leads will work with the Cancer Clinical Leads and the RDM to achieve a balanced portfolio, robust feasibility and timely delivery; meeting both local needs and capacity.

For more information about the NIHR Clinical Research Network: cancer, local contact details and the NCRI CSGs, follow the links below.

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