LWBC research funding opportunities

Updated October 2019. Please check regularly for new information.

Cancer Research UK

Population Research Committee (PRC)

Type: Project Awards

Amount: Flexible, typically up to £100,000 per year

Period: Flexible, typically up to 3 years

Deadline: 14 November 2019

Research areas:

  • Cancer aetiology
  • Early diagnosis
  • Epidemiology
  • Behavioural research
  • Cancer prevention
  • Statistics and methodology

Potential areas of overlap between the LBWC research priorities and PRC remit:

  • Epidemiological studies looking at long-term side-effects, late-effects of cancer/cancer treatment if also looking at differences in overall mortality/survival. Relevant LWBC research priorities: 5, 6, 10.
  • Epidemiological studies looking at the effect of co-morbidities on cancer survival. Relevant LWBC research priority: 3.
  • Behavioural interventions to improve cancer survival, reduce cancer progression or reduce cancer recurrence. Relevant LWBC research priorities: 9, 11, 15.
  • Investigation of perceptions of cancer by minority ethnic groups, if perceptions shown to affect health-seeking behaviours (e.g. attendance at screening, vaccination uptake) and the aim of the project is to improve health-seeking behaviours. Relevant LWBC research priority: 23.
  • Study of follow-up approaches to detect cancer recurrence (e.g. to inform strategies for prevention of recurrence or early diagnosis of recurrence). Relevant LWBC research priority: 25.
  • See also ‘Current opportunities to catalyze research in nutrition and cancer prevention – an interdisciplinary perspective’. This article (open access) in BMC Medicine outlines the gaps and opportunities in nutrition and cancer research, which includes the area of Diet After Cancer Diagnosis, that were identified by the Cancer Research UK and Ludwig Cancer Research Nutrition and Cancer Prevention Collaborative Group.

To enquire about the PRC Project Awards and other funding opportunities, contact prc@cancer.org.uk.

» Visit the CRUK Population Research Committee Project Awards page for more information.

Children and Young People’s Cancer Innovation Award

Amount: Up to £1m

Period: Up  to 3 years

Deadline: 10 January 2020

Research area: New paediatric research funding call as part of Cancer Research UK’s new strategy to prioritise research for children and young people’s cancer. Proposals encouraged include:

  • Development of more effective and/or less toxic treatments to improve long-term health and quality of life

» Visit the CRUK Children and Young People’s Cancer Innovation Award page for more information.

Health and Care Research Wales

Type: Research for Patient and Public Benefit (RfPPB) scheme

Amount: Up to £230,000

Period: Up to 24 months

Deadline: 29 October 2019

Research areas: The scheme offers funding across a broad range of health, public health, and health services related research topics. Applications that address the challenges set out in ‘A Healthier Wales’, the Welsh Government’s plan for health and social care, would be particularly welcome.

NOTE: This scheme is open only to individuals based in NHS organisations in Wales. The Lead Applicant should be research active at the time of applying and must have an established role within the NHS.

» Visit the Health and Social Care Research Wales RfPPB page for more information.

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

Themed calls

Themed calls are funding opportunities focussing on particular research areas in which all NIHR funding programmes participate. Recent themed calls (and still ongoing NIHR research priorities) relevant to LWBC research priorities include the following.

Complex health and care needs in older people

The NIHR welcomes all relevant applications, and particularly those addressing the key themes:

  • Frailty
  • Transitions in care, service delivery and models of care
  • Medicines management/polypharmacy
  • Promoting healthy ageing/preventing ill health
  • Patient-centred decision making

NOTE: This theme is now part of the Frailty themed call.

Relevant LWBC research priorities: 1, 2, 3

Chronic pain (in partnership with Versus Arthritis)

As chronic pain is itself a major contributor to the burden of ill health and to long term conditions, the NIHR has initiated a new focus for research into this important issue.

Relevant LWBC research priority: 8

Latest participating NIHR programme deadlines:

» Visit the NIHR themed calls page for further information.

Research and Innovation for Global Health Transformation (RIGHT) – Call 3

NIHR funding call dedicated to management of multimorbidity in low and middle income countries. NIHR is seeking applications for NIHR RIGHT Call 3 that address applied health research in the following areas:

  1. Development and evaluation of interventions and strategies for improved management of multimorbidity.
  2. Healthcare systems strengthening in ODA-eligible countries: research into health care system improvements for improved treatments, management and care for those affected by multimorbidity in LMICs, including capacity building in the primary care setting.

Amount: Up to £5m

Period: Up to 4 years

Deadline: 29 November 2019 for mandatory ‘Intent to Submit’ form. Two RIGHT CALL 3 webinars will also be held on 22 October 2019 to provide applicants information on the aims, scope and eligibility of the call.

NOTE: Awards are available for partnerships led by two Joint Lead Investigators (one from an LMIC and one from a UK institution).

» Visit the NIHR RIGHT call page for further information.

Pancreatic Cancer UK

Type: Clinical Pioneer Awards

Amount: Up to £50,000

Period: Up to 12 months

Deadline: 27 November 2019

Research areas: The Clinical Pioneer Awards scheme is a new way of funding for Pancreatic Cancer UK. The scheme was set up to support research into issues and priority areas that affect patients and carers currently living with pancreatic cancer. It also seeks to support research into practical interventions to tackle early diagnosis.

The Clinical Pioneers Award scheme is an opportunity for clinicians and non-clinicians (for example qualitative research academics or technology developers) who have innovative project ideas that are focused on interventions within the clinical or community setting to improve diagnosis, treatment and care, quality of life or experience for pancreatic cancer patients or carers to receive funding.

For enquiries relating to this fund, please email research@pancreaticcancer.org.uk or call the research team on 020 7820 6705.

» Visit the Pancreatic Cancer UK Clinical Pioneer Awards page for further information.


Contact lwbc@ncri.org.uk for further LWBC research funding queries.