Question 3

How can care be better co-ordinated for people living with and beyond cancer who have complex needs (with more than one health problem or receiving care from more than one specialty)?
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Below are examples of questions people submitted to us which we then merged into the above research question.

How people are treated by other specialties eg asthma/ breathing clinic. I am now seen by many other specialties, not directly related to my cancer and they almost never consider my years of treatment, side effects or psychological effects. They focus exclusively on their area. Also almost never read my notes.
How should people with mulltiple health conditions including cancer (either as a chronic condidion or in disease free survival, not at end stage) be best assessed and managed by health and social care services in order to provide best supportive care within a very tight financial environment for those who need it most?
How do consultants from various disciplines (ie conditions beyond cancer) work with oncologists to optimise treatment for their patients?