YOU make the difference!

Date published: Jun 12 2017

Putting a figure on the number of people involved in NCRI activities isn’t easy, but one thing is certain – the hundreds of experts who offer their time voluntarily to our work, make invaluable contributions that are helping the NCRI Partnership to improve health and quality of life by accelerating progress in cancer related research, through collaboration.

For the most part, the scientists, clinicians, people affected by cancer, and many other experts who contribute to our Clinical Studies Groups, Clinical Trials Units group, steering groups and initiatives give their time and expertise on a voluntary basis. These are the individuals who really make the difference and ensure that cancer research is high quality and relevant and brings benefits to patients and the wider public.

We’d like to say a special thank you to members of our Consumer Forum, who have themselves been affected by cancer or cared for someone with cancer. We have around 100 Consumers working with us at any one time, across our Clinical Studies Groups, and our special initiatives, in Living With and Beyond Cancer, clinical radiotherapy (CTRad) and pathology (CM-Path).

Max Williamson is one of the many volunteers on our Consumer Forum and sits on our Teenage & Young Adult and Germ Cell Tumours Clinical Studies Group.  He was first diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 15.  Now, as a healthy 19 year old, he is studying for a biomedical sciences degree at University College, London.

Max is passionate about contributing to research development and in addition to his work with NCRI, and his undergraduate studies, he is a patient ambassador for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network,  and contributes to the Paediatric Oncology Reference team (PORT) and other organisations.

Over 70% of academic clinical trials in the UK have been developed through one of our Clinical Studies Groups, and the collective expertise within our Clinical Trials Units group has contributed significantly to the increase in number of clinical studies taking place around the UK. Now more than one in five people affected by cancer in the UK will benefit from participating in a clinical study at some stage in their cancer journey. Most of the clinical trials developed through our CSGs go on to be funded and implemented via the NIHR’s Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN), which means that each year, thousands of people in the UK benefit from the work of our expert volunteers.

A link to the NIHR CRN section of the NIHR’s website is: here

A link to the NIHR’s patient and public involvement pages is: here

Collaboration and partnership working are vital to overcome the challenges that cancer present and we are grateful to every organisation and individual who contributes to our activities so that together, we can make a difference.