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Navigating the UK cancer landscape

NCRI’s work is founded on improving communication, coordination and collaboration. As well as the Partner organisations within NCRI working together, we build connections with other research funders, clinical research networks, royal colleges, trade organisations, professional bodies and patient groups. The interaction between these groups enriches the research environment, and helps to avoid duplication of effort.

Clinical research networks in the UK

Cancer research networks were set up in all nations of the UK during the early 2000s. At this time the number of cancer patients going into clinical trials in the UK was very low (<4%), and the networks were designed to provide infrastructure to support an increase in trial involvement and recruitment. Their success is evident, with almost a quarter (23%) of newly diagnosed cancer patients in 2011 going into trials in the UK.

Clinical research networks for other diseases and conditions followed and as the ambition to provide for all clinical trials increases, the specialised networks are being coalesced into more broadly based networks that offer a full range of expertise.

The networks provide infrastructural resources such as research nurses, data managers and medical staff sessions. They also help with access to pharmacy, pathology, radiology, information systems and training expertise.

► NIHR (England) Clinical Research Network (cancer) webpage

► Northern Ireland Cancer Research Network (NICaN) website

► Scottish Cancer Research Network (SCRN) website

► Welsh Cancer Research Network (WCRN) website

National Cancer Intelligence Network

The variety of data captured about cancer patients as part of their journey through the NHS has great potential to drive improvements in standards of care and clinical outcomes. Improving the quality and richness of information collected about cancer patients for analysis, publication and research is the goal of the National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN), which was set up in 2008.

NCIN is a network of funding organisations, regional and specialist cancer registries, statistical and analytical organisations, and other partners. Originally established as part of the NHS, it is now operated by Public Health England and continues to work in partnership with NCRI, in areas of common research interest. NCRI Partners help to fund research on the population level data collated by the NCIN.

► National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS) website