The NCRI Clinical Studies Groups (CSG) portfolio maps are a visual representation of the clinical cancer research landscape, highlighting areas of clinical cancer research that are currently well represented in the national portfolio, and where there are any gaps.

These new interactive maps were developed by NCRI in collaboration with NIHR CRN: Cancer and with a one-off grant from Roche Products Ltd. They bring all the portfolio maps (previously available as individual PDFs) together in to one interactive platform.

Dr Pippa Corrie, Chair of the NCRI Skin Cancer CSG, said,  “The portfolio maps are a brilliant resource, providing each CSG with a visual representation of the studies in each portfolio, helping us to manage our research activity and identify the priority areas for developing new studies. This new platform brings even more valuable information to our fingertips in an intuitive, searchable system that will be of benefit to all researchers”.

» View the new NCRI CSG portfolio maps on-line portal (NCRI CSG webpage)