Against Breast Cancer offering two seed grants in 2017 for innovative research

Against Breast Cancer is offering 2 Seed Grants in 2017 for innovative research that has the potential to impact the way metastatic breast cancer is diagnosed, treated or even prevented.

Seed grants are for up to £50,000 and for a maximum term of 1 year and can be used for;

  • preliminary data to be gathered to support a larger grant application, or;
  • for a stand-alone project to achieve a stated goal, or;
  • to enhance an existing funded project if it can be shown that such funding would add significant value and advance the research.

Researchers with a doctoral degree and working in institutions in the UK are invited to apply. All proposals should be in line with Against Breast Cancer’s Research Strategy. All lead applicants should have a strong publishing record. Collaborative applications involving researchers or institutions from anywhere in the world are invited, as long as the lead applicant’s host institution is in the UK, and the majority of the research takes place in the UK. If collaborators are included in the proposal, they will be required to provide a letter of support for the project as part of the application.

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