NCRI Newsletter, Issue 7 2015

Date published: Mar 08 2016

Take a look back at the 2015 NCRI Cancer Conference; NCRI’s CM-Path initiative: now recruiting; Biobanking: registration now open for NCRI CCB’s winter meeting; Latest news from the NCRI Consumer Forum; NCRI Future of Surgery workshop series: workshop leads announced; NCRI’s Clinical Research Director appointed as the NIHR Clinical Research
Network’s lead for cancer; Launch of the Cancer and Nutrition NIHR infrastructure collaboration; Marie Curie announces its largest call for research; Children with Cancer UK announce 2015 project grant round awards; Scottish Government sets out its new five year health and social care research strategy; Wellcome Trust launch new strategic framework; New Chief Scientific Advisor and Director in Northern Ireland; European Data in Health Research Alliance launches petition; ECMC Network year of progress 2014/15 report; Anti-metastatic drug development workshop; The complete Routes to Diagnosis data; Guide for researchers working with health data

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