60 second interview with NCRI’s new intern

Date published: Oct 04 2016

basmaBasma Elbakary joined NCRI as an intern in September and will be working for three months with Carolyn Chan on a radiotherapy capability mapping project in the CTRad initiative. We asked Basma a few questions about her background and interests.

Why did pursue a career in science?

My family first sparked my interest in science – my father is an orthopaedic surgeon and my mother is a dermatologist. Whenever they would talk about their jobs, I would just think to myself ‘WOW that’s cool, I wish I could know what this means’, and here we are.

Where did you study?

I studied in 3 universities, Tanta university, Egypt (BSc pharmaceutical sciences), University of Bradford, UK (MSc Cancer Pharmacology) and Aston University, UK ( MSc Pharmacokinetics). I must say, even though the course was challenging, I liked Aston University the most, because I had amazing lecturers and scientists critiquing my work.

Why did you choose to pursue a Masters in Cancer Pharmacology followed by Pharmacokinetics?

During the last year of my Bachelors, I studied cancer therapeutics which I thought was really interesting, so I decided to work in an oncology institute which led to doing a Masters in Cancer Pharmacology. During my Masters I got to learn more about Pharmacokinetics and its importance especially during early drug development. I would like to study for a PhD in a cancer related topic. I am particularly interested in brain efflux transporters that traffic anti-cancer agents out of the brain.

If you had the opportunity to ask any scientist (living or dead) one question who would it be and what would you say to them?

It would have to be Marie Curie – she definitely paved the way for women in science as the only woman to ever win two Nobel prizes. If I was able to meet her I would ask her what sparked her interest to start her radioactivity theory.

I hear you like travelling, where would you like to go next?

I would like to visit Kanderstege, Switzerland. There is this giant slide down the Alps that I would love to ride ! (I recommend seeing the video it’s AMAZING !)