The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) announced today that Prof. Matt Seymour has officially stepped down from his role as Clinical Research Director, effective 31 August 2020.

Matt has decided to step down from the Clinical Research Director post, having been in the position for many years, which have seen the NCRI evolve significantly.

Matt has been providing clinical leadership since the early days of NCRI, and in that time has contributed significantly to the development of the NCRI Groups. Matt has provided a critical interface between NCRI and the research networks, having been Director of the cancer division of the NIHR Clinical Research Networks since 2010.

Looking forward, NCRI will utilise the NCRI Strategy Advisory Group, NCRI Group chairs and its Partner organisations to provide independent guidance.

“We can attribute many of the outstanding achievements made by NCRI since its incorporation to the work and guidance provided by Matt in his role as Clinical Research Director. I want to say an enormous thank you to him. Matt has always been a strong supporter of NCRI, and we hope to continue to have a close relationship and continue to work closely with NIHR as an NCRI Partner.”

Dr Iain Frame, CEO, NCRI


“I would like to thank Matt for all that he has contributed to NCRI, particularly for his work in the development of the NCRI Groups. Matt has supported several key areas, particularly including early career researchers and establishing the consumer membership of the groups, as well as establishing the groups’ governance framework. Much of the success of the NCRI Groups has been down to the leadership provided by Matt.”

Baroness Delyth Morgan, Chair, NCRI


“It has been an enormous privilege and pleasure for me to work closely with the NCRI over the past ten years.  It is hard to overstate how important the NCRI is for cancer research in the UK, or how unique and respected it is on the international stage. The overriding sense is of dedication and a common purpose: patients, funders, clinicians, scientists and governments, all united in their fight against cancer, all prepared to go the extra mile and beyond.  And like many successful organisations, NCRI is marked by self-criticism, a lack of complacency and constant refreshment.

Part of that refreshment means ‘changing the guard’, and I am confident, as I step down, that the next generation of researchers, with brilliant new ideas, are already accelerating progress and helping the lives of people in the UK and around the world.”

Prof. Matt Seymour