The pandemic has highlighted the importance of research and has made it clear that it is an integral part of a well-functioning healthcare system. There are numerous lessons to learn about how cancer-related research is conducted and how findings are translated into practice to aid crisis responses.

The aim of this meeting was to bring together researchers who are involved in projects on Covid-19’s impact on cancer to:

  • Identify key research themes or questions around Covid-19’s impact on cancer prevention, early diagnosis and screening that we should continue to monitor/research.
  • Establish if there are any significant gaps in our understanding of Covid-19’s impact on care pathways and cancer patients that need to be addressed and how existing and new strands of research might be used to understand these issues.
  • Raise other areas of concern we need to focus on to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on cancer patients through effective research in this area.

This paper summarises the discussions and key research questions that were raised by the participants. While members of CRUK, PHE & NCRI facilitated the main discussion and breakout sessions, the views represented in this meeting summary do not necessarily represent the views of their organisation.

Report: Cancer Covid-19 Research Summit