This report, published in partnership with the International Cancer Research Partnership (ICRP), outlines spending on Childhood, Adolescent & Young Adult (CYA) cancer research in 2018/19.

This report aims to provide the cancer research community with:

  • An overview of CYA cancer research activity in the UK
  • The ability to identify gaps and opportunities in the UK CYA funding landscape
  • An in-depth analysis of funding allocated to different areas of CYA research to identify areas of unmet need and opportunities for collaborative funding.

In 2014 NCRI and ICRP published “Funding of Children’s Cancer Research” based on 2008 data from the ICRP portfolio and the NCRI Cancer Research Database (CaRD). The report benchmarked UK activity against work elsewhere and provided an understanding of the UK funding landscape to inform new strategies in trial development and delivery mechanisms.

The current report focusses on UK spend. The reports use a similar methodology, with improvements made to allow for a more in-depth analysis. In the current report, we have categorised research spend into ‘Partially CYA’ and ‘Wholly CYA’. This sub-categorisation of the overall spend enables a better understanding of the nature of the funding allocated to CYA cancer research.

Childhood, Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Research Funding