The International Cancer Research Partnership (ICRP) recently launched a new version (v2) of the cancer funding classification system or Common Scientific Outline (CSO) – the system that NCRI also use to code awards in the NCRI Cancer Research Database. ICRP’s data committee reviews the CSO regularly to ensure that new areas of science are covered and to resolve any ambiguities in coding. An inter-coder reliability analysis conducted after their last data report indicated that coders sometimes had difficulty applying model system (CSO7) codes consistently and highlighted areas of overlap between certain codes in the prevention (CSO3) and cancer control (CSO6) categories.  In this new version, CSO7 has been removed and model systems are now coded to the relevant resources and infrastructure category of CSO1-6.  Educational and behavioural prevention research is now coded exclusively to CSO3, to reflect that it is focussed on prevention. The ICRP and NCRI will be updating all previous records to CSOv2 to continue its analysis of research trends over time.

The ICRP website has been updated with the new version of the CSO, with improved guidelines, examples and a new powerpoint training guide for new coders.

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If your organisation would like to participate in a webinar about the changes to the CSO, or receive bespoke training, please get in touch with ICRP’s operations manager, Lynne Davies.

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