Yorkshire Cancer Research’s chief executive has joined a board of the UK’s top cancer research organisations.

Mark Stevens, who joined Harrogate-based Yorkshire Cancer Research last May after leaving his previous job as a banker, has been appointed as board member of the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) – a UK-wide partnership between Government, charity and industry which promotes co-operation in cancer research and treatment development for the benefit of patients and scientists nation-wide.

Mr Stevens’ new position means he will join chief executives and scientific advisors from major cancer charities, organisations and Government departments, including Cancer Research UK, the Medical Research Council and the Department of Health, in co-ordinating cancer research and developing initiatives to help tackle the disease.

His appointment is the first time Yorkshire Cancer Research has ever been represented on an influential national cancer board.

His position will also ensure Yorkshire plays a role at the forefront of future UK cancer research coordination activities.

I am delighted to be joining many senior staff from the NCRI’s member organisations to make collective decisions about how best to progress cancer research activity and treatment developments in this country. Crucially, the NCRI informs decisions about new research taking place across the UK, showcases the best British and international cancer research at the annual NCRI Cancer Conference and develops new facilities and resources for cancer research Without the NCRI co-ordinating all this activity, we simply wouldn’t be making the progress we are today in the cancer research field and there would still be unnecessary duplication of effort with no single source of information about research in the UK. I am particularly keen to make sure Yorkshire has a voice on the board as there is still a lot of disparity between cancer research funding in the north and south of the UK which currently sees the north lag behind in cancer survival rates.

Mark Stevens


As we approach the tenth anniversary of the NCRI, we look forward to working with Mark and the rest of the board to shape the next decade in cancer research. Mark’s experience will bring a new dimension to our discussions and make him an invaluable addition to the board.

Dr Jane Cope, director, NCRI