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Do you have personal experience of cancer?

We are looking to recruit patients, carers and others affected by cancer to join the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI)’s Clinical Studies Groups (CSG).

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NCRI invites patients, carers and others affected by cancer (also known as ‘consumers’) to participate in all aspects of NCRI’s work. At any one time, up to one hundred consumers will be involved in our activities; making contributions to the setting of our strategy and, through involvement in NCRI activities, shaping actions at national level as experts in the experience of cancer.

All consumers involved in the NCRI are members of the NCRI Consumer Forum. The forum aims to foster a vibrant and collaborative community to work with NCRI as partners in cancer research; exchanging knowledge and expertise in a coordinated way.

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Resource library

The main purpose of this library is for NCRI Consumer Forum members to access key reference information related to their roles in NCRI activities. It also serves as a platform to showcase consumer involvement in cancer research. Most of the resources have been developed by consumers themselves.

Adding Value and Impact

» Adding Value and Impact- A Toolkit for Consumer Members of CSGs (PDF, 2015)

» YouTube video of Simon Rodwell, Skin CSG consumer speaking taking part in Clinical Trials (YouTube video, 2015)

» Impact of Patient, Carer and Public Involvement in Cancer Research (PDF, 2014)

Consumer Role

» CSG Consumer Role Profile (PDF, 2016)

» Role Profile for patient and carer members of NCRI CSGs (PDF, 2015)

PPI: Getting Going

» PPI – Getting going as a Research Reviewer (PDF, 2013)

» PPI in Research Groups: Guidance for CSG Chairs (PDF, 2010)

» Recruiting Patients to Cancer Trials (PDF, 2012)

» Predicting Success or Failure of Recruitment to Clinical Trials (PDF)

» How to Write a Good Lay Summary (PDF, 2012)

» Opportunities for PPI in Trial Design (PDF, 2013)

» Dissemination Checklist (PDF)

Consumer Reporting

» CSG Consumer Report Pro-forma (Word, 2015)

» CSG Consumer Report Pro-forma – Worked Example 1 (PDF, 2016)

» CSG Consumer Report Pro-forma – Worked Example 2 (PDF, 2016)

» CSG Meeting Planning and Review Form (PDF)


» NCRI Consumer Mentoring Guidance (PDF, 2016)

» NCRI Consumer Forum Mentorship Survey Summary Report (PDF, 2015)

Meeting and Event Feedback

» LSHTM Cancer Survival Group and NCRI Consumer Forum Joint Meeting February 2017 Feedback Summary

» Consumer Event Claim Request (Word, 2016)

» Report on the 2016 NCRI Cancer Conference Bursary Feedback

» NCRI Consumer September 2016 Training Feedback Report

» NCRI Consumer Forum July 2016 Feedback Summary

» NCRI Consumer Forum March 2016 Feedback Summary

The National Cancer Patient Experience Survey (NCPES) is an annual survey commissioned by NHS England, which gives responses from over 68,000 recently treated cancer patients (across types of cancer and groups of patients, both locally and nationally) detailing their experiences of care. The 2012 NCPES introduced questions about research and NCRI consumers helped bring this about. Findings drawn from the NCPES can be found below.


Other Consumer-related sources

» Patient Involvement at Cancer Research UK (CRUK website)

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