Our Partners

About our Partners

Our Partners are organisations that fund cancer research in the UK, and who want to work together to coordinate their research. In doing so, they aim to avoid unnecessary duplication and maximise the impact of research for cancer patients and the public.

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Common criteria for membership

Our Partners each spend at least £1m per year on cancer research in the UK, and these research funds must be allocated by independent competitive peer review. Partners commit to submit data on all their cancer research projects to the NCRI Cancer Research Database each year and to share this data with other NCRI Partners and members of the International Cancer Research Partnership (ICRP).

Partner organisations pay annual subscriptions that support the core work of the NCRI. They can also choose to contribute to, and be involved in, time-bound initiatives to respond to particular areas of need.

Getting involved

We welcome approaches from anyone with an interest in participating in NCRI’s work.

Organisations interested in joining NCRI should contact the NCRI Executive to explore whether they meet the criteria for membership.

We also routinely work with organisations outside the NCRI Partnership. This includes cancer charities whose spend on research does not meet the threshold, organisations working in diseases other than cancer who have an overlapping research interest, trade associations, individual companies, regulatory bodies and patient groups.

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