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We thank the following members who submitted their data to be analysed (see below).

AMMF (The Alan Morement Memorial Fund)

Blood Cancer UK

Bone Cancer Research Trust

The Brain Tumour Charity

Brain Tumour Research

CCLG (Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group)

Childhood Eye Cancer Trust

CUP Foundation

The Eve Appeal

GUTS UK Charity

Leukaemia UK

Mesothelioma UK

Myeloma UK

Neuroendocrine Cancer UK

North West Cancer Research

Oracle Cancer Trust

Orchid Cancer Appeal

Ovarian Cancer Action

Pancreatic Cancer UK

Sarcoma UK

Solving Kids Cancer UK

Target Ovarian Cancer

The Urology Foundation

Wellbeing of Women


Special thanks to the member working group of Karen Noble of Brain Tumour Research and Liz Darlison of Mesothelioma UK, and to the Cancer52 policy group. Also to Jennifer Harris of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), who collated published evidence on rare and less common cancer research as part of the ABPI volunteer scheme.


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