The NCRI Pathology Group is a multi-disciplinary community of researchers and consumers dedicated to changing the way pathologists engage with, conduct and are recognised for their work in clinical trials in the UK. The group works closely with clinical research networks, funders and national and international researchers to develop research to improve outcomes for cancer patients and identify areas of unmet need.

The group routinely identifies strategic priorities and dynamic working groups are established to address each priority.

NCRI Pathology Group strategic priorities

  • Identify the challenges of providing cellular and molecular pathology and laboratory medicine support for research in all cancer types and establish a consensus on ‘next generation’ pathology
  • Develop guidelines on reporting of trials (CONSORT-Path)
  • Develop a code of practice to maximise the value extracted from clinical samples
  • Support the development of a research ready workforce
  • Maximise the value and utilisation of pathology images from UK clinical trials by computational methods
  • Establish a costing template for cellular and molecular pathology activity in clinical trials in the UK
  • Promote the development of laboratory medicine diagnostics that can be incorporated into established NHS laboratory medicine working practises

NCRI Pathology Group strategic priorities

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