NCRI is creating a research-ready workforce, strengthening the retention of early career researchers and facilitating the early interaction of clinical and preclinical researchers. 

We are looking to build on the past success of our trainee programme, expanding this to include basic and translational researchers and allied health professionals in the creation of a virtual forum for early career researchers.  

Early Career Researcher Forum  

The Early Career Researcher Forum will enable early career researchers to build collaborative networks in their field of interest whilst enhancing their skills and supporting career development through training, mentoring, networking and research involvement opportunities.   

In addition, members of the Early Career Researcher Forum interested in or working towards becoming independent investigators will have opportunities to join NCRI Groups and actively contribute to the acceleration of cancer research within their areas of expertise.   

The Early Career Researcher Forum will also provide a space for peer support, mutual learning and collaboration. 

Why should I join?

As an Early Career Researcher Forum member, you will have the opportunity to:   

  • Join an NCRI Group (application required)   
  • Access training opportunities and workshops  
  • Attend and contribute to Early Career Researcher Forum meetings  
  • Gain advice and support through mentoring and networking events  
  • Network with leaders in the field of cancer research  
  • Join review panels for NCRI Proposals Guidance meetings  

Who can join?

Early Career Researcher Forum membership is aimed at any early career researcher who is interested in and/or working towards a career in cancer-related research. This includes both clinical and non-clinical colleagues based in the UK.  

Early Career Researcher Forum membership may include (but is not limited to) current or aspiring:  

  • Medical Doctors and Oncologists (from Foundation Year 1)
  • Pathologists
  • Radiologists 
  • Nurses 
  • Radiographers
  • Pharmacists 
  • Psychologists
  • PhD students (from final year) 
  • Postdoctoral researchers 
  • Scientists, researchers and investigators working in academia or industry 
  • Research technicians 
  • Bioinformaticians, statisticians and data specialists 
  • Other healthcare professionals or educators who are interested in and/or make a substantial contribution to the cancer field

Want to join the ECR Forum, but not sure if you are eligible? 

 The eligibility criteria outlined above aims to ensure that all ECR Forum members can get the most out of the opportunities that we can offer. We do however recognise that there are many different routes to independence and variations in career path along the way.  

How do I join?

Due to the closure of the NCRI, the NCRI no longer maintains the Early Career Researcher Forum. If you are an early career researcher and are interested in joining the Early Career Researcher Forum, please contact

Register your interest here

This scheme has been partially funded by a grant by the Wates Family Enterprise Trust.