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NCRI Newsletter, issue 3 2014
The 10th NCRI Cancer Conference; NCRI CSGs trainee scheme now open to more CSGs; NAEDI: opportunities for researchers and patients; a new name for the CRUK Drug Development Office; five years of progress in radiotherapy research; the economic impact of early diagnosis; impact and outcomes of MRC research; 60-second interview with NCRI Director Dr Karen Kennedy; meet the team behind NCRI

NCRI Newsletter, issue 2 2014
What to expect at the 10th NCRI Cancer Conference; applications invited for NCRI Cancer CTU Group; Cancer Research UK launch their new research strategy; new name and look for AICR; update on surgical clinical trials; 2013/14 highlights from the MRC Regulatory Support Centre; new local network leadership posts; summary of 2013/14 network data; new publication on improving cancer trials for young people; slide set on steps to a successful trial launch; new publication on the economic benefits of cancer; report on the National Lung Cancer Audit; MBE for former NCRI Director; 60-second interview with Professor Iain McNeish

NCRI Newsletter, issue 1 2014
NCRI Confederation of Cancer Biobanks launches new standards; cancer research funding: the latest data from NCRI; 60-second interview with Professor Richard Marais; spotlight on NCRI Clinical Studies Groups portfolio maps; why partnership in research matters

NCRI Newsletter, issue 3 2013
At the 2013 NCRI Cancer Conference; 60 second interview with new NCRI Director, Dr Karen Kennedy; collaborative partnership for radiotherapy-drug combinations; Palliative and end of life care Priority Setting Partnership (PeolcPSP) with the James Lind Alliance; BRIGHTLIGHT; surgeon's guide to research funding; NCRI CCB workshops at the 2013 NCRI Cancer Conference; new website for NCRI

NCRI Newsletter, issue 2 2013
NCIN as part of Public Health England; NCRI Cancer Research Database 2012 analysis; NCRI CCB harmonisation and accreditation of biobanks; 60 second interview with Neil Burnet; NIHR launches ‘Ok to ask’ campaign

NCRI Newsletter, issue 1 2013
Introduction to Harpal Kumar, NCRI’s new Chair; first ICRP report on international investment in cancer research; CTRad’s fifth proposals guidance meeting; Harriet Barber painting donated to NCRI; EOLC masterclass at the NCRI Cancer Conference

NCRI Newsletter, issue 3 2012
NCRI report on surgical cancer research; welcome to Baroness Delyth Morgan as a new member of the NCRI Board; statement of intent for UK eolcRIG; joint report from NCRI and the NCRN highlights the Impact of Patient, Carer and Public Involvement in Cancer Research; NCIN working with UK Biobank; new CTRad website with resources for radiotherapy researchers; PET imaging update

NCRI Newsletter, issue 2 2012
NCRI launches third Strategic Plan; NCRI Cancer Research Database holds ten consecutive years of research funding data; Understanding Cancer e-learning programme launched; CTRad update; NCRI launches the UK end of life care Research Interest Group; David Ardron sums up his time as NCRI CLG Chair

NCRI Newsletter, issue 1, 2012
NPRI funds 19 research awards in Phase 4; Shirley Harrison and Dr Angela McCullagh join the NCRI Board as lay members; Richard Stephens appointed as next NCRI CLG Chair; appointment of Professor Andy Hall as NCRI Pathology Lead for Cancer Biobanking and Dr Bridget Wilkins as NCRI Pathology Lead for NHS engagement in Biobanking; ECMCs receive £35m funding for second quinquennium; NCRI work with TRANSCAN; feedback on the 2011 NCRI Cancer Conference

NCRI Newsletter, issue 3 2011
Eric Low, Chief Executive of Myeloma UK joins NCRI Board as an independent member; connecting consumers in NCRI; UK funders vision for human tissue resources; fifth joint conference of US National Cancer Insititute cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG) and NCRI Informatics initiatives; Marie Curie Cancer Care announce two awards from palliative and end of life care research programmes; one day workshop on PET imaging; NCRN Roadshow celebrates ten year anniversary

NCRI Newsletter, issue 2 2011
NCRI portfolio tops £500m for first time; The Prostate Cancer Charity becomes member of NCRI; CTRad working group meeting; Look forward to NCRI Cancer Conference; Summary of first NAEDI research conference; publication of ‘Creating a Momentum for Change: Five years of the Cancer Experiences Collaborative’ by CECo; launch of new BMJ Supportive and Palliative Care journal; summary of NCIN and UKACR Conference; publication to mark tenth anniversary of the NCRI and NCRN; summary of NCRI CLG meeting; samples from over 100,000 patients now included in NCRI online Cancer Biosample Directory

NCRI Newsletter, issue 1 2011
Celebrating NCRI and NCRN ten year anniverary; Roger Wilson, past Chair of NCRI CLG, honoured with CBE; Professor Dame Janet Husband announced as new NCRI Chair; NCRI publishes report on mesothelioma research; Mark Stevens, Chief Executive of Yorkshire Cancer Research, joins NCRI Board; Professor Tim Illidge to Chair CTRad research working group; NCRI Partners working together in end of life care; COMPASS and CECo Collaboratives reach end of five years funding; onCore UK formally closed as independent charity

NCRI Newsletter, issue 3 2010
Professor Matt Seymour appointed Director of NCRN; NCRI publishes Rapid Review of research in survivorship after cancer and end of life care; summary of NCIN and UKACR Conference; summary of NCRI PET Research Network workshops; new NCRI Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Clinical Studies Group formed; fourth phase of NPRI underway; two new directories from Biomarkers and Imaging Clinical Studies Group; NCRI Secretariat moves to Angel Building

NCRI Newsletter, issue 2 2010
NCRI publishes new guidelines for welfare of animals in cancer research; Ciaràn Devane, Chief Executive of Macmillan Cancer Support and Claudia McVie, Chief Executive of Tenovus join NCRI Board; eight years of NCRI Cancer Research Database data now available; summary of Wales Cancer Conference; ICRP Partners meet in Toronto; fourth NCRI/caBIG joint conference; summary of CTRad events; NCRI Secretariat staff changes

NCRI Newsletter, issue 1 2010
New NCRI PET Research Network website; new identity for CTRad; Paul Carbury, Chief Executive of Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust, joins NCRI Board; launch of NAEDI; NCIN seeking pilot research studies; NCRN Coordinating Centre appoints Dr Sheila Fisher as Associate Director for Patient and Public Involvement; summary of Britain Against Cancer conference; NCRI Survivorship and end of life care rapid review in progress; summary of NCRI Cancer Conference

NCRI Newsletter, issue 3 2009
Summary of third joint conference of NCI and NCRI Informatics Initiative; NCRI release new video; international review panel compliments NCRI CLG; Dr Allison Jeynes-Ellis, Medical and Innovation Director at ABPI, joins NCRI Board; Glyn Edwards, Chief Executive Officer of Antisoma Research Ltd and Executive Director of Antisoma plc, joins NCRI Board; Dr Declan Mulkeen, Director of Research Management at MRC, announced as Chair for NCRI Board Sub-Group on Clinical and Translational Research; launch of NCRI Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Research Working Group; summary of NCRN and NCRI joint workshop at NHS Network Development Programme; update on Early and Late Phase Trials Forums; summary of NCIN annual conference; summary of NCRI PET Research Network workshop

NCRI Newsletter, issue 2 2009
New Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Research Working Group; refocused role for onCore UK; NCRI Informatics initiative launch cancer research information portal, ONIX; summary of ICRP annual meeting; CRPs working together across Local Research Network; data from NCRI Cancer Research Database available to download; summary of NCRI PET Research Steering Committee workshop

NCRI Newsletter, issue 1 2009
New year greetings; becoming a NCRI member; role of Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Research Working Group; Launch of NAEDI; lung cancer screening study; summary of joint NCRI CCB and Pathological Society workshop on ethics and governance in cancer biobanking; access to personal data and biosamples; consumer feedback on NCRI Cancer Conference; overview of SuPaC collaboratives

NCRI Newsletter, issue 3 2008
Five-year analysis from the NCRI Cancer Research Database; NCSI launched; ICRP annual meeting; NAEDI launched; access to personal data and biosamples; David Ardron appointed Chair of NCRI CLG; NCIN launched; summary of Late Phase Trials Forum of ECMC; summary of  joint conference between NCRI Informatics initiative and NCI; NPRI Phase 2 awards announced; awards to fund research on the SuPaC needs of  lung cancer patients

NCRI Newsletter, issue 2 2008
Professor Sir Kenneth Calman appointed NCRI Chair; NCRI publish five-year strategic plan; coordination of biobanking in Europe; NCRI set up UK PET Research Steering Committee; NCIN launch; NCRI and ECMC network hold Early Clinical Trials Forum; Miriam Harris and Peter Rainey appointed to Board Sub-Group on Clinical and Translational Research; new website for ECMC network; pathology and research taskforce; NCRI Informatics initiative hosts a Summit

NCRI Newsletter, issue 1 2008
New Year's greetings; CHILDREN with LEUKAMEIA join NCRI; Canadian Cancer Research Alliance; new Chair for NCRI; knighthood for past NCRI Chair Professor Alex Markham; joint scientific meeting of NCRI Prostate Cancer Collaboratives; call for proposals in lung cancer screening; cancer reform strategy for England; Early Clinical Trials Forum; summary of CCB workshop; Hilary Blackburn, NCRI Board consumer member, and Karen Inns, Consumer Liaison Lead at NCRN, attend California Breast Cancer Research Program Symposium; NCIN; new Funding streams from MRC and NIHR

NCRI Newsletter, issue 3 2007
Summary of  joint NCRI Informatics caBIG™ conference; NCRI Cancer Conference; CCB opens to new members; summary of NCRI Late Phase Trials Forum; round-up of NCRI SuPaC Collaboratives activities; Dr Richard Palmer joins NCRI Board Sub-Group on Clinical and Translational Research; onCore UK  now accepting blood and tissue samples from cancer patients in selected NHS Trusts; progress on lung cancer; developing next NCRI Strategic Plan

NCRI Newsletter, issue 2 2007
Mike Richards on year as NCRI Chair; Hilary Blackburn and Joanna Eley join NCRI Board as consumer members; results of NCRI Partner survey; Herbie Newell succeeds Alison Spaull as Chair of NCRI Board Sub-Group on Clinical and Translational Research; NCRI Secretariat news; NCRI Late Phase Trials Forum; NCRI publish report on PET research in UK; NCRI Informatics Initiative; NCRI working with industry; Consulting on next NCRI Strategic Plan

NCRI Newsletter, issue 1 2007
New appointees to NCRI Board; international meetings; summary of NCRI Cancer Conference; report from NCRI Strategic Planning Group to be published; capacity building grants for supportive and palliative care; NCRI Early Clinical Trials Forum; NCRI Lung Cancer Strategic Planning Group publish report