On December 9th 2016, CM-Path and the Royal College of Pathologists hosted a joint workshop aimed at pathologists that want to gain knowledge of research and clinical trials. Topics included:

  • Using tissue in Clinical Trials – rules and regulations, storage and access – Dr Bridget Wilkins
  • Pathology-based testing of tissues in Clinical Trials – Performance, Standardisation and Quality Control – Professor Adrienne Flanagan
  • Issues in interpretation of pathology tests – Dr Max Robinson
  • Training – What should a Clinical Trial Pathologists know? – Professor Manuel Salto-Tellez
  • Funding opportunities for Clinical Trial Pathologists – Professor Ian Cree

Breakout discussions facilitated exchange of information between pathologists actively working in clinical trials and those that are keen to start working on clinical trials.

» See the agenda and download the presentations (Internal Webpage)