NCRI’s Radiotherapy Research Group (CTRad) is one of NCRI’s flagship initiatives and this June we are celebrating its ten year anniversary. Since 2009, CTRad has provided leadership in the national effort to enhance radiotherapy research and has transformed this environment to make the UK a leader in the global effort to improve outcomes for cancer patients through radiotherapy.

We know from NCRI Partners and the radiotherapy research community that CTRad has given radiotherapy research in the UK a much-needed boost over the last ten years. Thanks to CTRad and the time, commitment and expertise of the incredible people behind it, we’ve seen real progress in radiotherapy research. This truly is a flagship initiative for NCRI, and one of which we are immensely proud.

Iain Frame, CEO, NCRI


NCRI’s CTRad has transformed the radiotherapy research environment in the UK – strengthening centres of excellence in academic radiotherapy, increasing clinical trials activity, ensuring radiotherapy quality, enhancing drug radiotherapy combinations, training the research workforce, driving technical developments. It’s a wonderful initiative led by the NCRI, an example of the power of collaborative working across diverse research funders and disciplines to drive much needed progress.

Tim Maughan, Professor of Clinical Oncology at the CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology and CTRad’s first Chair


Cancer Research UK is proud to have been part of NCRI’s CTRad from its earliest days. It has made a massive difference to radiotherapy research in the UK. Ten years ago there was a sparsity of high-quality, innovative radiotherapy research being submitted for funding, but thanks to CTRad and the progress it has helped to galvanise, we now have a vibrant radiotherapy research community that is bringing cutting-edge radiotherapy research to patients.

Iain Foulkes, Executive Director of Research and Innovation, Cancer Research UK

Over the next few weeks, we will be running a social media campaign to celebrate the people behind this initiative and the progress made through collaborative working.