CTRad is pleased to announce that following the co-chairs application and interview process, from 1 June 2015 four of the eight Workstream co-chair roles have new appointments. These are:

  • Workstream 1 (Science base): Prof Susan Short (taking over from Prof Kevin Harrington)
  • Workstream 2 (Phase I/II trials): Dr Richard Adams (taking over from Prof Ruth Plummer)
  • Workstream 3 (Phase III trials and methodology): Prof David Sebag-Montefiore (taking over from Prof Chris Nutting)
  • Workstream 4 (New technology, physics and quality assurance): Dr Philip Evans (taking over from Dr Ranald Mackay)

We are very thankful to the outgoing co-chairs for their time, dedication and leadership in the past few years to move forward the national radiotherapy research agenda.

Membership reviews are now complete and a list of appointed members for all four workstreams is available on the CTRad website. Thank you to everyone who submitted membership applications, and we look forward to working closely with researchers in the community in the next three years.

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