Dr Iain Frame is CEO of NCRI and was previously Director of Research at Prostate Cancer UK and Research Director at Diabetes UK. We asked him about the NCRI Early Career Researcher Forum and how NCRI can support early career researchers.

Why have we launched the Early Career Researcher Forum?

This is an area that I’m heavily invested in because I think it’s really important. It is an area that NCRI has worked in the past, and we have examples of where it has worked well, but we are in a unique position to do so much more.

In the past, we have had lots of interest in early career researcher opportunities, so we know there is a desire from early career researchers to get involved in the work of NCRI.

What do you see as NCRI’s role in the training and retention of early cancer researchers?

NCRI can provide a huge opportunity to meet with world-class researchers, clinicians and those with lived experience of cancer. Allowing early career researchers to share their ideas, learn from each other and set themselves up for bright and successful research careers.

What would you like to see as a result of the new NCRI Early Career Researcher Forum?

I want to see early career researchers share their ideas and expertise and developing brilliant research ideas that receive funding.

I would like to see early career researchers form lifelong collaborations, particularly between clinical and non-clinical researchers.

What do you think the Early Career Researcher Forum will offer early career researchers?

NCRI can offer the unique opportunity to meet funders, researchers and those with recent lived experience of cancer all together at the same time. This networking opportunity will allow forum members to network and form strong partnerships.

Alumni of the forum will be able to mentor more junior researchers and remain involved with NCRI thoughout their research career.

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