In 2016 several trainees joined NCRI Groups, enabling them to actively contribute to the development of trials within their areas of expertise. After spending two years as NCRI Group members, we asked the trainees about their experiences.

Involvement as a trainee representative has been a fantastic experience. I have learned a great deal through listening to the discussions surrounding national trial set up and recruitment and have been privileged to be involved in decisions regarding trials that suit the UK portfolio.


The scheme provides an ability to network and make contact with senior experts in the specialist field to gain advice, support and to learn from their experience.


A unique opportunity to learn about the processes of proposals for clinical trials, the implementation of clinical trials and the difficulties in running clinical trials.


The trainee scheme provides detailed insights into the mechanisms of an organised trials group and how they interact to ensure optimal trial coverage, patient recruitment and trial delivery throughout the UK. It also gives access to excellent clinical triallists and mentors.


Fantastic opportunity to meet with senior clinical academics and be part of strategic discussions. It has led to my involvement in multiple trials and proposals.


It provides a very good environment for the generation of new clinical trials and provides trainees with the experience necessary to embark upon setting up a trial of their own.

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