The NCRI Bone Metastases Group is a multi-disciplinary community of researchers and consumers focused on clinical and translational issues relating to bone metastases research. The group works closely with clinical research networks, funders and national and international researchers to develop research to improve outcomes for bone metastases patients and identify areas of unmet need.

The group routinely identifies priorities in bone metastases research and dynamic working groups are established to address each priority.

NCRI Bone Metastases Group strategic priorities

  • Improve patient care in metastatic bone disease
  • Exploit the cellular interplay within the tumour microenvironment to prevent progression to bone metastasis
  • Develop new assessment tools and interventions that align with the current vision of early diagnosis and a minimally invasive approach that allows the patient to maintain a high quality of life.

NCRI Bone Metastases Group strategic priorities

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