The NCRI Brain Group is a multi-disciplinary community of researchers and consumers focused on clinical and translational issues relating to brain tumour research. The group works closely with clinical research networks, funders and national and international researchers to develop research to improve outcomes for brain tumour patients and identify areas of unmet need.

The group routinely identifies priorities in brain tumour research and dynamic working groups are established to address each priority.

NCRI Brain Group strategic priorities:

  • Produce and publish a position paper on the challenges faced in brain tumour research
  • Develop a window of opportunity study, early-phase trial or basket study for glioblastoma patients
  • Develop an innovative research trial to improve outcomes for brain tumour patients with unmet needs
  • Improve outcomes for elderly or frail patients, patients with poor prognosis
  • Build and strengthen links with international groups and prioritise opening international studies for UK patients with rarer brain tumours
  • Support and provide guidance for a broad range of research proposals across the brain cancer community

NCRI Brain Group strategic priorities

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