The NCRI LWBC Group has five workstreams that develop research in areas of strategic need.

The Metastasis of Unknown Origin and Cancer of Unknown Primary Workstream, chaired by Dr Kai-Keen Shiu, develops research into tumours for which a site of origin is not known. Areas covered include the primary care pathways and the biology and therapy of cancers of unknown primary.


Chair: Dr Kai-Keen Shiu

Consumer Representative: John Symons

Consumer Representative: Janice Rose

Trainee Representative: Alicia- Marie Conway (Clinical Fellow, University of Manchester)

Claire Mitchell (Medical Oncologist, Christie Hospital NHS FT)

Lucy Walkington (Medical Oncologist, Weston Park Cancer Centre)

Sally Clive (Medical Oncologist, Edinburgh Cancer Centre)

Richard Wagland (Senior Fellow, University of Southampton)

Manuel Rodriguez-Justo (Consultant Histopathologist, UCL)

Antonia Creak (Clinical Oncologist, Sussex Cancer Centre)

Gillian Knowles (Nurse Consultant, NHS Lothian)

Ben Taylor (Consultant Radiologist, The Christie NHS FT)

The Acute Care and Toxicities Workstream is co-chaired by Gillian Prue and Pauline Leonard. The workstream covers acute cancer and treatment toxicities, the psychosocial impacts of treatment, prehabilitation and the primary and secondary care interface. 


Co-Chair: Gillian Prue

Co-Chair: Pauline Leonard

Consumer Representative: Elspeth Banks

Louise Carter (Clinical Senior Lecturer, Christie Hopsital NHS FT)

Tim Cooksley (Acute Medicine Consultant, Christie Hospital NHS FT)

Chloe Grimmett (Senior Research Fellow, University of Southampton)

Susan Catt (Research Fellow, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust)

Suriya Kirkpatrick (Research Nurse, North Bristol NHS Trust)

Aidan Cole (Clinical Lecturer and Consultant, Queens University Belfast)

Tania Kalsi (Consultant Physician, Guys and St Thomas’ NHS FT)

Andrew Stewart (Consultant Haemotologist, Bristol NHS FT)

The Late Consequences Workstream, chaired by Sara Faithfull, develops research into late treatment toxicities, psychosocial aspects of treatment and care and primary care follow up. 


Chair: Sara Faithfull

Consumer Representative: Julie Wolfarth

Trainee Representative: Dipesh Gopal (Barts University)

Trainee Representative: Florien Boele (University of Leeds)

Peter Donnelly (Kings College London)

Joshua Turner (Research Fellow, University of Southampton)

Linda Sharp (Professor of Cancer Epidemiology, University of Newcastle)

Eila Watson (Supportive Cancer Care Professor, Oxford Brookes University)

Sara MacLennan (Health Psychologist, University of Aberdeen)

Rebecca Shakir (Clinical Oncologist SpR, University of Oxford)

John Radford (Medical Oncologist, University of Manchester)

Marianne Aznar (Radiotherapy Physicist, University of Manchester)

Amy Taylor (Radiographer, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals)

The Advanced Disease and End of Life Care Workstream, chaired by Ann-Marie Nelson, develops research into palliative, hospice and bereavement care as well as psychosocial aspects of cancer treatment and care. 

Chair: Ann-Marie Nelson

Consumer Representative: Susan Restorick-Banks

Consumer Representative: Margaret Johnson

Trainee Representative: Donna Wakefield (Palliative Medicine Consultant, Health Education North East)

Trainee Representative: Lisa Graham-Wisener (Health Psychologist, Queens University Belfast)

Brooke Swash (Senior Lecturer, Chester University)

Andrew Dickman (Consultant Pharmacist, Blackpool Teaching Hospital NHS FT)

Mari Lloyd-Williams (Palliative Medicine Consultant, University of Liverpool)

Catriona Mayland (Palliative Medicine Consultant, University of Sheffield)

Lynn Calman (Senior Research Fellow, University of Southampton)

Andrew Carson- Stevens (Cardiff University)

Sandra Prew (NIHR)

Mieke Van Hemelrijck (Cancer Epidemiologist, KCL)

The Methodology Workstream, chaired by Derek Kyte, develops research into patient-reported outcome measures, digital technology, quality of life and health economics, outcome measures and trial design and modelling. 

Chair: Derek Kyte

Consumer Representative: Jim Elliot

Trainee Representative: Emily Harrop (Research Associate, Cardiff University)

Trainee Representative: Debbie Cavers (Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh)

Nicola Gray (Senior Lecturer, University of Dundee)

Claire Foster (Professor of Psychosocial Oncology, University of Southampton)

Sally Wheelwright (Senior Research Fellow, University of Southampton)

Valerie Shilling (Research Fellow, Brighton and Sussex Medical School)

Mike Horton (Research Fellow, University of Leeds)

Peter Hall (Consultant Oncologist, University of Edinburgh)

Michelle Collinson (Senior Medical Statistician, Leeds Institute of Clinical Trial Research)

Alexandra Gilbert (Clinical Oncologist, University of Leeds)

Lynn Calman (Senior Research Fellow, University of Southampton)